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Explore, maintain and tune your system with SYSTEM ELEMENT 2007™

You want to explore what's inside your computer? How your system is configurated and which processes are running? Which programmes start automatically with system startup? Are you looking for an easy all-in-one management of your computer?

SYSTEM ELEMENT 2007™ is the right choice for you. And it's for free.

Easy, Transparent, All-In-One

SYSTEM ELEMENT 2007™ clearly structured and very user-friendly. It delivers insight into your system within moments.
With additional maintaining and tuning features in one single tool you do not need your control panel any more.
And what's more: you can report the complete configuration of your system (in text or HTML-format) with an easily configurable report manager.

System Information

  • Hardware and BIOS Informatiom
  • Memory, Hard Drives and Display
  • Printer Information
  • Network Information
  • Windows OS Information
  • Installed Software
More than 100 system parameters -
a transparent insight to your system.

System Management

  • Service Management
  • Process Management
  • Autostart Management
  • Open Ports
  • System Tweaks
  • Clean up System
Simple tool for maintaining and tune your computer.

Licenses and Prices

SYSTEM ELEMENT 2007™ is 100% Freeware. Free of charge for private, educational, charitable and commercial use. Do you like SYSTEM ELEMENT 2007? Let us know! Please do not hesitate to send us comments and suggestions.

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