BACKUP ELEMENT PRO 2007™ - Free License

Free license

Since 1.1.2011 BACKUP ELEMENT PRO 2007 is available for free with full functionality. Install BACKUP ELEMENT PRO 2007 as usual and download here your free license for up to 10 workstations. Note that this free key only works with the PRO version. This has more features anyway, so we recommend you to install this version.

Make sure to observe the following installation instructions for the free license

How do I get the free license key for BACKUP ELEMENT PRO 2007?

The free key can be downloaded here. If you have downloaded the file and unzip it, then proceed as described in the following section.

I allready have installed BACKUP ELEMENT STANDARD 2007. What should I do?

Quit BACKUP ELEMENT 2007 and uninstall this version. The FREE - key only works with the PRO version.

How do I install the registry key on Windows XP?

Stop backup element 2007. Copy the downloades license key to the program directory of the BACKUP ELEMENT 2007 (the directory in which you installed BACKUP ELEMENT. Typically, this directory is c:\Program Files\Software Elements\Backup PRO Element 2007.

How do I install the registry keys under Vista and Windows 7?

In Windows VISTA or Windows 7, open the installation directory in Explorer. Above, more to the right there is a button "Compatibility Mode" or "Compatibility Files". Press this, and navigate to the installation directory of the backup element :

Installation Path:
c:\Programme\Software Elements\Backup Element PRO 2007\

If there is already an existing license file "backupelementPRO.license", please delete it, then copy your license key in the installation directory.

Attention: The PRO license only works with the PRO version .