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The Innovative Backup Solution

Backup Element has proved itself as a user-friendly and reliable data protection solution. Your input and requests have inspired us to take it to the next level with innovative approaches and solutions. BACKUP ELEMENT 2007™ is an entirely re-written version for which we've developed over 200 new features. Please read more about the most relevant innovations:


The standard version is designed to make it easy to protect your valuable personal and business data. Out of the box: backup, synchronization and cleaning.

  • NEW: Completely redisigned new user interface
  • NEW: Express Mode - the easy way to backup your data
  • NEW: Advanced Mode - complete control over the backup process
  • NEW: Grouping of jobs
  • NEW: QuickPicks - predifined Filters for Documents, Photos, Musik, Videos, ...
  • NEW: SMARTbackup™ - the intelligent and fast Backup Mechanism
  • NEW: Additional Makro Variables - easy accessible
  • NEW: Backup directly to CD, DVD, Hard Drives and USB Memorysticks
  • NEW: Tasks: run user defined tasks before or after your job
  • NEW: Optimized File Synchronization
  • NEW: Cleanup and Archiving
  • NEW: Easy File Restoration with the new Restore Wizard
  • NEW: Detailed Reports for each Job
  • NEW: Report Browser
  • NEW: Multilingual user interface


Die PRO-Version für anspruchsvolle Anwender, kleine und mittlere Unternehmen sowie Großunternehmen mit verteilten Standorten. Mit erweiterten Funktionen können Sie ganz einfach auch komplexe Sicherungstrategien umsetzen.

Diese Version enthält alle Neuerungen der STANDARD-Version und zusätzlich:

  • NEW: E-Mail Notification (with Report Attachments)
  • NEW: Backup to FTP servers
  • NEW: strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • NEW: Additional Tasks (service management) before or after each job
  • NEW: Windows Event Log integration
  • NEW: Installable as Windows Service
  • NEW: Easy to use Service Manager

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BACKUP ELEMENT 2007™ - easy and powerfull

BACKUP ELEMENT 2007 - the new version is easier and more powerfull. It can be used intuitively so that beginners can easily handle it. Due to its wide range of functions it matches your requirements and backup strategies, no matter how complex.

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