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The professional data protection solution for home networks, small and medium-scale enterprises.

What happens if you mistakenly delete or overwrite a file, a hard drive fails, or a virus infects your computer? Will you lose important documents? Most users who lose data never recover it.

With smart features and easy automation in BACKUP ELEMENT 2007, there is no excuse to let this happen to you. With BACKUP ELEMENT 2007, backing up your important data becomes really easy.

BACKUP ELEMENT 2007 is much more:

Backup your valuable files

Synchronize (e.g. Laptop and PC)

Clean (Remove or archive unused files)

Once configured, BACKUP ELEMENT 2007 keeps track that your files are being stored safely and regularly. Continous data protection for your valuable files. Easy. Secure. Reliable.


The standard version is designed to make it easy to protect your valuable personal and business data. Out of the box: backup, synchronization and cleaning.

  • NEW: New user interface
  • NEW: Express-Mode with Quick-Picks
  • NEW: SMARTbackup™
  • NEW: CD, DVD-backup
  • NEW: File Synchronization
  • NEW: Cleanup and Archiving
  • NEW: Easy File Restoration

With BACKUP ELEMENT 2007 and just a few simple mouse clicks you have your first backup running in minutes. With Predefined Quick-Picks it is as simple as possible to backup your documents, family photos, music or videos files.


The professional version for power users and small and medium-scale business enterprises comes with additional features that give you complete control over the backup process.

  • NEW: Detailed Reports
  • NEW: E-Mail Notification
  • NEW: Backup to FTP servers
  • NEW: strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • NEW: Windows Event Log integration
  • NEW: Installable as Windows Service
  • NEW: Easy to use Service Manager

Additional features like generations, macro variables, running tasks before and after backups, it is really easy to define complex backup procedures.

BACKUP ELEMENT 2007™ Feature List.

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